Using a mobile phone in a safe manner

Using a mobile phone in a safe manner
  • You should be very careful to whom you give your phone number to. There is a danger of receiving unwanted calls and messages.
  • You should always keep your phone under your surveillance. You should avoid giving it to third parties unless it is compulsory and only when you are present.
  • You should avoid meeting someone you got to know over the phone.
  • Use your mobile phone only to get in touch with someone and not to send annoying text messages. How would it make you feel if you received such messages?
  • If you receive anonymous text or picture messages in your mobile phone, delete them without replying.
  • To take a picture of other people you need to ask for their permission first. Be careful when uploading photographs on the Internet as they may stay there forever and they may be used in a manner you did not mean to.
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