Using the Internet in a safe manner: Tips for children

Using the Internet in a safe manner: Tips for children
  • Do not share your email password with anyone. If you suspect that someone knows your password, change it immediately. Try to always register a password that nobody may guess.
  • Never accept to meet individuals that you got to know online. If you wish to do so, make sure it is in a public area and that you are accompanied by one of your parents or an adult you trust.
  • While in a chat room be particular careful and do not share your personal details (such as your email address, your home address, your school address or your telephone number with the people you chat with.
  • Try to avoid visiting websites that are meant for older individuals (18+). These warnings are there to protect us. It is wiser to discover websites of educational, entertaining and informative content that corresponds to your age and interests.
  • It is very important not to open emails you have received by strangers. Do not open attachments that were sent through such messages as they may contain viruses and spread in your computer. Ask your parents to install software that filter the emails you receive so you may get only those you wish.
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