Using social network sites in a safer manner

Using social network sites in a safer manner
  • You should not share your profile password with anyone. Whoever gains access of this password can fully manage all the data included in your profile.
  • Do not upload photographs that your location is clear (especially if this is your home, your school or places you hang out). In this way you minimise the possibilities someone to detect your location in the natural world.
  • If you receive an offensive or unwanted message, report it to the social network site you use or to SafeLine. Usually there is a “report” button.
  • Always keep in mind that information you publish on the social network site are widely accessible and so it would be wise not to share details and photographs that could embarrass you. Even if you decide to delete information from your profile, these are not removed and you may come across them elsewhere.
  • Be aware that when you access a friend request, this person gains access to all the personal information that are shown in you profile including your photographs and contact details.
    After you create your profile you should change the default settings that manage your data. Usually these are marked as privacy settings.
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