Using virtual games on a safe manner

Using virtual games on a safe manner
  • Parents should become familiar with the virtual world site (i.e. services and products offered by virtual worlds sites) and have a good understanding of how children spend their time online.
  • The email address used to activate a child‘s account should always belong to a parent, not to the children.
  • Verify if the virtual world used by your children has a parental control or any other Internet filtering tool, and make sure such tools are activated.
  • Usually age is verified when purchase of merchandise is possible, but there is currently system to guarantee age verification.
  • Use tools to block access to undesirable websites.
  • Be aware that parental consent should be required to process sensitive personal data, access chat room, send unsolicited commercial e-mails and similar, communicate with children via mobile phone, collect data from the children via the web, use children‘s data for any direct marketing. Exercise options carefully.
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